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Richard Standard Educator,Musician, Storyteller

Programs to support the Oral Tradition,

Music and Art in the Schools


My mission is to be part of a wave of change that will help to transform our educational process and re-establish art, music and the oral tradition as key components of education.

Through these unique programs, teachers have access to new teaching tools to  enhance the educational experience for their students and themselves. Children deserve to be inspired by the spoken word and to create art based on their own personal vision and interpretations of literature.


Children can benefit from being taught through the medium of Oral Tradition. I have gathered stories from all over the world to show children other cultures' views. The stories I have chosen contain within them the morals, ethics, and values of the cultural tradition from which they have emerged. These stories present the children with a way to compare the values of their own culture with others and find the similarities and differences between them The stories in my repertoire are easily integrated into established curriculums and provide an excellent tool for teachers to enhance classroom experience


All children deserve music education. Music is a transforming force in the lives of children, enhancing brain development and capability in many important ways. Performing and singing together establishes a special bond between the students that is positive and constructive. Being involved with music also creates a foundation for a lifelong appreciation of music and the arts.

Numerous academic studies have shown that playing music helps create more synapses in the brain and that academic performance is improved in math, language developement and writing proficiecncy.


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 Take a moment to see a selection of the children's art, inspired by some of my tales. Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image.

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